Basic Advertising and Marketing Strategies Plan for Small Business

By | September 18, 2010

Business devotional September 16Emulating the marketing strategies of successful online businesses is difficult if not impossible without a written strategic marketing plan. Creating an advertising and marketing plan for a small business can be a time consuming and confusing task. Therefore I’ve placed the basic components for a marketing plan for a sole proprietor or small business below. It is definitely not extensive but hopefully it can be of help in the development of a strategic marketing plan for your business.

Components of Marketing Plan Example

XYZCompany Advertising and Marketing Strategies Plan


The purpose of XYZCompany advertising and marketing efforts is to motivate business owners to call or email requesting information on our web and software development services. The personality of XYZCompany will reflect innovation, excitement, success, quality, entrepreneurial spirit, and a warm/caring attitude towards all our customers and contacts.


The main benefit presented in our advertising and marketing will be the unique/customer development, superior quality/customer service and product expertise validated through third-party certifications that we offer to meet our customer’s needs.

Target Market

Our target audience is entrepreneurial males and females, who are both current and start-up business owners, aged 25 to 44 possessing the financial resources to afford a high quality web site design or custom software implementation.

Expected Results

The action to be taken by our audience is to make a phone call to 404-XXX-XXXX, email our support service at, or fill out our contact form at

Anticipated Timeline and Cost

Month Advertising Medium Promotion Estimated Cost
January Craigslist/Kudzo Free Consultation/Statement of Work Free
February Craigslist/Kudzo Free CD/Valentines Day Free
March Craigslist/Kudzo Emphasize Certifications Free
April Craigslist/Kudzo Free CD Free
May Craigslist/Kudzo


Free Consultation/Statement of Work $
June Craigslist/Kudzo


Holiday Special (July 4th) $
July Craigslist/Kudzo


Emphasize Certifications $
August Craigslist/Kudzo


Emphasize Testimonials $
September Craigslist/Kudzo


Free CD $
October Craigslist/Kudzo


Free Consultation/Statement of Work $
November Craigslist/Kudzo


Holiday Special (Thanksgiving/Christmas) $
December Craigslist/Kudzo


Holiday Special (Christmas/New Years) $

Hopefully the outline above will help you great a winning advertising and marketing strategies for your business. Below are some reading suggestions.

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