Beware of OMG This GUY Facebook attack

By | September 20, 2010

Hello fellow Facebookers and Facebook fam! Just wanted to warn you of the OMG attack that is happening on Facebook and picking up steam. It has been reported by Mashable that there is a scam going that could lead to you share or like the page on your Facebook wall.

How it works

The scam shows as a status update with the following message “OMG This GUY Went A Little To Far WITH His Revenge On His EX Girlfriend.” When you click to view the message, you are sent to a page what shows a Captcha image for you to enter. After you enter the Captcha information, the page is automatically shared and liked on your Facebook wall. So far it doesn’t appear to be a virus, but it is rather annoying to most users.

Anyway take heed and careful out there in Facebook land. I’m sure there will be more copy cats of this since it was so successful in trapping many people. The next one however may actually be a more malicious.

One thought on “Beware of OMG This GUY Facebook attack

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