Building an effective online media campaign for your non-profit organization

By | September 16, 2010

Creating a social media for a non profit organization can be a daunting and challenging task. Most organizations are small and just do not have the means to hire the technical and marketing expertise to get an effective social media campaign off the ground. Well below is a step by step guide for creating an effective online presence and social media campaign for your non profit organization. Hopefully you can print this out and use it to grow your non profit organization. The list is in simple bullet point form so you can use the points to present the concepts effectively to your organization leadership. Happy socializing!

Start with a website

Begin with Godaddy ($12 domain name, $80 a year for deluxe hosting)

-Straight forward interface that’s simple to use

-Deluxe package supports the use of multiple domains pointing to one site

-They have packaged installation for installing applications (Content Management System)

Install Content Management System

Use WordPress (if looking for simple)

-Simple blog style interface

-Easy to find templates if no graphic designer

-Well recognized so easy to find professional help or volunteers in organization

Use Joomla (If looking for more flexibility)

-Ability to add WordPress blog to it

-Additional features like login, integration with Facebook/Twitter, etc

-Same as above but more paid/free extensions

-Site Example –

-Site Example –

Integrate with Paypal for donations

– Simple and no worries about credit card security

Create Facebook account

-Create Facebook Fan or Group page –

-Create Facebook buttons and badges to add to your website (If using Joomla use an extension)

-Promote with an Ad for a fixed amount a day to a targeted group

Create a Twitter account

-Create design to mirror website design (Cross Promotion)

-Follow users/groups with similar interests/goals as you

-Promote your website, social media and spiritual message

MarketMeTweet – Allows for branded tweets with your organization name and scheduling of tweets for $15 a month or $79 a year. You can link to any RSS feed for auto tweets so don’t worry about not having much to say. Up to 5 accounts so partner up

SocialOomph ( – Allows for tracking or keywords, automatic following and auto response to those following you.

Start YouTube Channel

-Choose a specific spiritual niche and message

-Purchase camcorder and record monthly messages in HD

-Upload video content to channel

-Promote channel on Social media applications and website (use extensions within CMS)

Tracking and Reporting

Google Analytics – A must have and it’s free. Add code CMS to find out who your are spreading the gospel to and what niche you are serving

-Use analytics built within social media tools and analyze monthly

Advanced techniques

Livestream TV (

-Setup a 24/7 on demand online TV station stream

-Broadcast certain events live to build up an online following

-Free version is good enough to get started

-Check ours out on the front page of this site!

Online University

-Use Sclipo ( to create online webcasts and on demand classes for free

-Integrate an LMS like Moodle into your CMS site and build college like courses for your constituents. You can offer paid subscriptions

Create mobile applications

-Create mobile version of your website

-Create iPhone application – Only $99 to sign up but you will probably need a help from a dedicated programmer

-Create an Android application – Free but need help of dedicated programmer

Create an Ecommerce website

-Provide CDs, DVDs, and ebooks of your teaching of the word

-Will need help for compliance with credit card laws

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