Business Leadership Devotional: Responsibility, not control

By | September 18, 2010

As I write this I am very tired. It is almost 3 am and I just laid my 1 year old down for sleep finally. He is not feeling very well so we gave him some medicine around 12:30 am. I decided to rock him to sleep since I thought that would help him go to sleep faster. Well how wrong was I! He keep laying his head on my shoulder, tossing and turning, and moving around. Now at almost 3 am, I said a prayer for him and laid him down. He of course cried but only for a short while surprisingly. He is now asleep in his room where I probably should have placed him to begin with.

This episode reminds me of Mark 4:35-41 when the disciplines were on the boat and thought they we going to die. As long as they were “in control” the storm raged on, Jesus rested and they had no rest. However when they finally awoke Jesus, and put their trust in him, the storm ceased and they were able to rest.

I tried to take control tonight but I’m reminded once again to take responsibility as a leader but to allow God to be in control. Are you tired of trying to be in control when you should only be responsible? Decide to let God take control today so you can rest.