Business Leadership Devotional: Focus on God’s ability and not your own

By | September 16, 2010

Business devotional September 16Matthew 20:1-16 talks about the parable of the workers in the Vineyard. The parable describes how the landowner compensated the workers the same pay even though some of them started working a different times throughout the day. This of course caused the workers who were there first to complain. These workers felt they had worked longer and thus deserved more compensation than the ones who started after them.

The main point of the parable was to show God’s grace for us and how easy it is for us as leaders to take our focus off of him. We at times become so focused on ourselves and how we are not getting what we consider to be equal treatment when instead we should be focused on doing our best to glorify God. A few of the attitudes Jesus addresses with this parable are self-absorption, comparison and the judging of others.

Today take time to focus less on what others are doing and being compensated for and more on what you can accomplish today to glorify God. Thank God for the opportunity he has given you today to demonstrate your love for him and grace for others.