How many blog posts does it take to build a large audience?

By | September 27, 2010

Chistmas is coming. Will this blog be able to pay for their toys?

One of the questions I have wrestled with while starting starting this blog is how many posts does it take before one can build an large enough audience for it to be self sustaining. By self sustaining I of course mean to generate enough income where the blog pays for itself and I’m able to have some income to compensate for my time and effort.

The Benchmark

Based on my limited experience with writing articles online for my blog and on the Examiner, good articles can average around 5-10 hits a day and basic comments/articles range around 0-3 hits a day. Unfortunately I have not had the privilege of creating great articles that have averaged 20+ hits a day for longer than 6 months (…note this is my definition of great) . When starting a new blog, it takes a good amount of time to have your information show up in the search engines and in other blogs as ping backs, etc. Therefore even your good articles don’t become good articles until a few months into your blog life anyway.

That being said, my based number I’m looking for is $500-$1000 a month from my blog. So if I look at only money generated from Click through rate services like Adsense, I average CTR I’ve seen so far has been around 3% of my page impressions. Adsense does not give you a average or estimate amount of money you can generate but I’ve averaged around 2 cents per page impression. If you do the math, that means I need at least 25,000 page impressions a month in order to generate the minimum of $500.

The final impression

Ok, so 25,000 page impressions a month averages out to around 833 page impressions a day. If we use our bad article maximum of 3 hits a day, that puts us around 278 articles minimum needed to generate enough hits to be somewhat profitable. I actually expect to double that number since some pages will not be hit daily if at all since they are not picked up by the search engines or are just niche articles with limited interest. So around 550 articles is where you need to be. Better start writing!