Increasing WordPress blog hits to improve Adsense clicks – Part 2

By | September 17, 2010

Wordpress logoIn the first part of Increasing your WordPress blog page hits to improve Adsense clicks I talked about SEO, trending and visual presentation recommendations. In this part lets talk about the best way your blog can serve your readers and thus increase your website hits:

Respond to most user comments with at least a thank you If a user takes the time to respond to your site with a positive or negative comment, you have to remember that they took their time to engage you. No matter what they say you should take the time to respond and address their feedback with an appropriate response that includes a thank you. If site visitors see that you are engaged with them they will return and help you by clicking your sponsored ads.

Use a stat tracker to analyze what postings get the best responses

Google Analytics and WP stats (plugin if using your own WordPress blog installation) are the key tools you should use to track the posts your viewers are engaged in. In my first technology blog I posted a couple of articles on my Chevy Venture repairs just out of fun. Well those postings are still some of the top hits I receive on that blog due to what I am about to recommend next.

Make sure you identify three to four niches for your blog

Identify at least three or four niches for your blog and focus your posts on them primarily. The niches should be centered around what your interested in personally so it will be easier for you to discuss the topic naturally and with enthusiasm.

Tag all of your blog postings with relevant keywords

Using the post tags section on the right of the new post page is one of the most important things you can do to increase your blog hits. Doing this will allow you to create a blog cloud that highlights the focus of your blog and helps show what your niche is to your visitors.

Set a goal of 1000 posts of 500 words or less

Less is more in blogging because most people surf the Internet looking for quick solutions. Don’t drone on about a subject, get to the point and let your visitor move on. If you set your goal for 1000 posts you will talk less or break your posts into parts that can be spread out. This will keep your user on the site longer and increase potential for the clicking a sponsored ad.

Build a community using buddy press

Creating that community feel on your site will make your visitors stay longer and engage with you. The BuddyPress plugin allows you to offer a login and profile create feature for your users so they can be a part of your site. You also can grant then publishing rights so they can create articles as a author on your site.

Tweet nonsense …blog for real and ask questions

People look at blogs to find out more about you or find out information that can help them. Be yourself and not a robot. And don’t waste their time with short nonsense they don’t care about. Tweet your nonsense but blog useful information stuff. Ask good questions and you will get answers.

Well I hope this was helpful and look forward to engaging with you. Was this helpful?

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