Increasing WordPress blog hits to improve Adsense clicks

By | September 17, 2010

Wordpress logo When I first started blogging, I was so excited to be able to help people with useful information and tips. As an IT professional, Google is usually your best friend anyway since most of your time is spent solving problems with existing code and/or technology. Now that I’ve found the power of using Adsense to actually get some monetary ROI besides the satisfaction of being helpful, I’ve discovered useful tips that have lead to increasing the number of people I can serve with the information on my blog. Here are some of the tips that you can use to increase your Word press blog page hits and improve your Adsense clicks:

Use SEO attractive titles for you blog posts

For those who don’t know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. I could have named this posting “It’s so cool to be bloggin'” but I doubt many people would be searching search engines for that. People search the Internet for useful information and using weird cool titles won’t be searched for by anyone but you.

Blog about trending topics occasionally

If you want blog hits, then you need to blog about what people are talking about. This of course should be related to what you are interested in talking about as well. Use Google Adwords key tool or a Twitter trends site to help with your blog of the

Add at least one image, one video, five links and one social media connection to your blog postings

A Facebook badge, Twitter account link and Tweetmeme plug-in implementation are the bare minimums you need to implement in your blog when it comes to social media connections. Creating an integrated solution to people’s needs is the goal you should set for your blog. You should also break your pages use with at least one relevant image and/or video. This will ad eye candy to your postings and not make them one long unattractive read.

Part 2 of increasing WordPress blog hits to improve Adsense clicks will talk more about user comments, tracking and niche creation. Please leave a comment on how the use of Google Adsense revenue sharing has impacted your web site.

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