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By | September 16, 2010

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10 things to do today to make passive income online especially if your unemployed

As professional web developers we run into numerous people who want to have a website built for them. Although there are some who have a dedicated purpose for the site, most if not all are looking to promote their business or generate a second income from the site. If you have recently lost your job or have been unemployed for a while, finding a web developer/designer to build you a website at the price your willing to pay will be extremely difficult. However if your willing to do some of the work yourself, you can have a basic or blog type site online for under $100.

Here are the steps you should take if you want to build a passive income generating website:

1) Decide on your website domain name ($11 GoDaddy)

Choosing a domain name can be difficult when your starting an online business. However when you goal is to generate passive income, the choice is a lot easier. You choose the name that relates to a topic your interested in and that has the most interest.

2) Decide on the host for your website ($50 iPower)

The prices of hosting have dropped significantly over the years. I usually recommend using Godaddy or iPower for hosting since you can get quality hosting for under $80 a year!

3) Choose your content management system for your site (Joomla or WordPress)

Deciding between Joomla and WordPress is a tough choice for the inexperienced. To keep it simple, choose Joomla if you want flexibility and extendibility and choose WordPress if you want a simple blog style site. We recommend Joomla since it allows you to register users and build an online community.

4) Design your website (Artiseer $129, DreamTemplates $59)

Designing your site to look cool, new and stylish is a tough task. Especially if you are graphically challenged. However there are tools and template providers that make it simple for you to implement a fresh look. Two we recommend are Artiseer and DreamTemplates since they are inexpensive and offer multiple looks and styles.

5) Add useful and free extensions

Using a content management system offers you the flexibility of using free extensions created by third party vendors and users.

6) Sign up for a Twitter account

A Twitter account is a must have if you want to share news about your business and drive people to your interesting information.

7) Sign up for a Facebook business account

The number of users on Facebook is larger than some large countries now so it makes sense that you use it as a means to bring people to your website. Here is an example:

8) Sign up for Google Analytics and Adsense

This is the most important step in your passive income journey. You need to add Google Analytics in order to effectively analyze what people are interested in on your site. You can then use this information to place income generating Google ads in the high traffic areas of your site with Google Adsense. Google pays per click not impression so you want to make sure you have ads in locations that are highly visible and enticing to your site visitor.

9) Start writing articles with good SEO techniques

Now that you have your site prepared to make money, you need to provide information people need in order to improve your chances of getting people to visit your site and click on your ads. You can use Google Trends or Twitter Trends to write articles on hot topics people are talking about. Then make sure you add your metatag description and keywords and that your articles are at least 500 words long. This will imporve your chances of being picked up by the search engines.

10) Integrate social media into website and promote, promote, promote (MarketMeTweet $15 a month)

Once you have written your article, be sure to share them through your social networks. MarketMeTweet is a great tool for scheduling tweets, finding users to follow and setting up automatic tweets from RSS feeds. The small amount it costs a month will pay for itself once your passive income begins to come in.


Well I hope this article was helpful. We are implementing these steps as a part of our online campaign and seeing good results. Hopefully we will write another article in the next few months with some passive income information on our sites. Good luck and let us know what you think!