Struggling with Clearwire Static IP

By | September 16, 2010


Well my struggles with Clearwire and the use of their static ip continue. I paid for the static IP in order for me to host a single IP camera from my house. The IP camera I chose to use in my simple system is the TV-IP110W.

IP110W by Trendnet

Simple IP camera with built in web server by TRENDnet

I chose this camera since it was relatively inexpensive. (Roughly $100 at Amazon) When I was with AT&T DSL, I was able to set up the camera relatively easily. I basically opened up a port in my router to the web server port on the camera, point my static IP address to my router and was online in a flash. So simple.

Well, silly me thought that I could do the same thing with Clearwire. So I ordered the static IP address. yes I did say “ordered” since you have to pay extra ($10 a month) for the static IP instead of getting one for free like AT&T. :( Since my router was already setup from my AT&T configuration, I thought I was set. Well, I was wrong… wrong.

Clearwire does the strangest thing. You have to map your static IP to their modem instead of your router. Why you must do this is crazy to me. I talked to the technical (non) support goons and never got a “clear” answer. So i said whatever, and pointed my paid for static IP to the modem MAC address. Does that work? NO. I call the goons again and unfortunately their tech support script does not provide an answer. So I get the run around and never get an answer.

Another thing to mention is that Clearwire’s modem comes with it’s own DHCP server! So your router will get this dynamic IP instead of the Static IP that you paid for!! And guess what, the goons don’t know the password to your modem so you can’t change the IP address either!. Uggggghhh!! What that means is that you are so screwed my friend. Well, not yet because your good buddy Joe (uh…thats me) has figured out something that most good hackers already know. When trying to figure out a password, start with common names/phrases that are related to what you are trying to hack. So I tried the a bunch of generic common passwords and cracked the code baby!! The password for Clearwire modem i have is motorola. Trust me, this is your password too. :)

Ok, now that I’ve hacked in, where do we go from here? Well i am in the process of figuring that out. The modem has a series of menus in it’s interface similar to my router. I will tinker with this and let you know what happens.

So have you been able to host your camera or server using a Clearwire modem?

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