Using MarketMeTweet for Twitter posts, follows and scheduled tweets

By | September 16, 2010

Over the past month or so I have been playing around with MarketMeTweet for my Twitter postings. Some of the cool features include scheduled tweets via text upload or any RSS feed, auto follow ability for those who follow you, linked tweets to Facebook, unfollow ability and much more. MarketMeTweet is a great Twitter tool to help you build your an effective Twitter following and unfollowing at a reasonable price.

Scheduled tweets means more followers

A lot of people wonder why they should setup future tweets. They ask, isn’t Twitter supposed to be about communicating with your audience real time so they know what you are doing right now? Well if you have a full time job or a life (as some of us do :-]), it’s often difficult to spend time tweeting about whats going on when your doing it. Also most businesses focus on using Twitter for marketing and industry news sharing purposes more than just tweeting about what the company representative is eating for lunch or surfing the net about at a particular moment.

Best twitters to follow are those who follow you

If your tweets reach people who like your communication style or the information you share, they will most likely choose to follow you. So should you auto follow them? I say yes because Twitter is about building relationships with your followers and you can’t do that without paying attention to what your followers are tweeting about themselves. You can always choose to unfollow them later if they are spammers or scammers.

Check out the video below for more information on MarketMeTweet or go here to try it out today!

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