Using Twitter trends to build your WordPress traffic #lessonslearned

By | September 19, 2010

Wordpress logo Increasing your WordPress traffic using Twitter trends can be challenging given the number of blogs that were online in 2010. In a previous article I offered some suggestions to help you build up website traffic and increase Adsense hits. Well one of the social media tools I use for increasing traffic to my website is my Twitter account. I automatically tweet my blog postings through my Twitter account using a WordPress plugin called Socialable and have a retweet button by Tweetmeme posted on every article. In addition to that I visit sites that track Twitter trends, schedule tweets branded with my business URL using Market Me Tweet and blog about trending topics that are related to my business.

How to grow Twitter followers and keep them

One of the sites I recommend to identify Twitter trends is They offer a top ten list of Twitter trends including those marked as SPAM and the most active of the day. Mashable, one of my top blog resources for watching technology news, just wrote an article charting Twitter and recommended the site as well.

If you notice in the title of this posting the tag #lessonslearned was included. Well this is a hot topic over the past 30 days as people discuss their lessons learned on Twitter. Well my lesson learned is to always monitor Twitter trends before you create your article titles in order to have greater success with your WordPress site. This will also increase your Twitter followers since you are tweeting about what is relevant to the community.

Use Twitter successfully and attract more followers

One of the misconceptions about using Twitter is that many business owners find it unnecessary. They ask why am I going to tweet someone when I can email and/or call someone just as effectively. The main purpose of Twitter is to allow you to send short quick messages of 140 characters or less to a circle of friends or what they call followers. Building a Twitter account for your business allows you to engage a group of followers interested in your business immediately and intimately because they choose to follow you. It also allows you to identify and address peoples concerns and questions about your business and/or business products directly and immediately.

For example, recently I experienced an Internet connection issue. My service provider is Charter so I gave them a call after doing my best to troubleshoot the issue myself. After talking with a representative and humoring him by going through the same troubleshooting steps I already did, I was told that a technician would need to be sent out. This was fine by me. However I was then informed that it would take TWO DAYS before one could come to my house. I of course was very disappointed, so I decided to express my dissatisfaction with Charter to my followers on Twitter.

My tweet was simple and read “Internet is down and next appointment isn’t till Friday. Wow..gotta love #Charter” Within about ten minutes to my surprise, I received a direct message response from a Charter representative. He was able to make a couple of calls to the company to try and find a way to move my appointment up. This demonstrates the power of Twitter to interact and engage people discussing your company or brand immediately. Even though the representative wasn’t able to move my appointment up, I did feel like Charter did take an extra step to satisfy my needs so I felt I didn’t need to pull the plug so quickly on their service. Also I have discovered that they have a whole site page called UMatter2Charter describing all of their customer service contacts (including Twitter accounts)

I also have experienced a similar issue with VistaPrint. I have an article on my blog describing why I do not recommend VistaPrint as a web hosting solution. I recently retweeted the post to my followers as follows “Why I don’t recommend #Vistaprint for web hosting #HostGator”. Well again to my surprise I got a rapid response from VistaPrint as follows “@bcwdesign Appreciate your honest feedback. We’ll be sharing your thoughts with out internet marketing team.” Again, this shows a company that is monitoring their image on Twitter and the web and then taking the time to respond directly to customers via Twitter. I responded to Vistaprint and let them know I would revise my post if they made changes that warranted it.

Anyway hope that helps and happy blogging!

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  1. Joe Sumpter Post author

    Thanks for the comment Jeorge. I definitely agree. It must be part of a online media plan of providing useful information to your customers in a direct, informative and interactive way. Twitter is just one mechanism for delivery.

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    I did not use to leverage more traffic using Twitter. I always say that I will do that later as I’m busy now. It may be just an excuse for me as being affraid to learn a new way to generate traffic to my websites.


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