Publish your own e-books with Pub-it by Barnes and Noble

By | October 5, 2010

Pub It by Barnes and Noble

Pub It by Barnes and Noble lets you publish your ebooks!

Barnes and Noble has jumped on the e-book publishing scene with the release of Pub-it, a self publishing portal for authors. Pub-it allows for budding authors to upload and sell electronic copies of their works through in order to be purchased and downloaded on the Nook. If you already have an account on their website you can use your login to get the process started. The process involves you filling in some additional contact information, signing a license agreement (terms and disclosures) and finally adding the payment information to receive your money and pay for returns.

So why do I care?

Honestly, Barnes and Noble is just continuing the trend of making it easier for individuals to get their writings online and in front of millions of people. There no longer exists a valid excuse for a wanna be author to not be published in e-book format on one of the popular e-Reader devices like the Kindle, iPad and Nook. Also this offering helps open the door of opportunities for the unemployed to generate income while staying at home during their job search. Dedicating 3 hours a day to write a book on a topic related to your skill set could actually lead to a successful e-book or even another job! The Pub-it offering promotes useful tips on how to write the book in format suitable for e-pub publishing including Word, HTML, basic TEXT and RTF.

Additional options for e-book publishing

If your not a fan of Barnes and Noble or just want to try a different alternative, here are a few options to help you to e-book success:

  1. How to Write, Publish and Sell your own How-To Book by John T Reed – A step by step guide to creating your own e-book along with tips on how to sell it online.
  2. Technical writing for the Kindle by Dr. Dobbs – Great article by one of the technical software development magazines that I subscribe to. They describe the pro and cons of ebook creation and how to format your book for the Kindle.

Anyway, hope this was helpful and let me know when you get your first e-book self published!