10 ways to advertise your small business online with no money

By | November 30, 2010

When I’ve worked with small businesses to create their websites, the number one concern the business owners have is the cost of implementation. Most of the business’ I work with have little money but therefore want to maximize the effectiveness of their business web site within a very limited budget. Well here is a list of ways to advertise your small business online with no money using tools other that Guerilla Marketing tactics:
Create a Twitter account – Twitter is a great resource for small businesses with no money since it allows for the business to reach it’s customers directly for free. If someone chooses to follow the business you know that they are interested in hearing information specifically about the business. Tools like MarketMeTweet allow you to grow your twitter base very quickly through scheduled tweets and automatic following of users that relate to your business.
Create a Facebook page with landing page – With over 500 million active users, a Facebook business page has become almost mandatory. You can use the business page to create groups of followers and provide a place for feedback from your customers.

Create a LinkedIn account – Building a Linked In profile is a great way to promote yourself to fellow business associates in your field. You can then reference your business in your profile to drive these professionals to your site for feedback and additional business.
Create and give promotional products away for free – Everyone loves free stuff. When you have a limited budget though, the first thought is that you do not have free items to give away. That is simply not true since every small business has information or knowledge that they can share about their products or industry. You should create an e-book or blog that discusses valuable information that your customers can use. This will display your expertise in the industry and potentially drive customers to your web site.

Wear your brand and give branded items away – While the purchase of branded items does cost some money, in most cases there is already a budget for the purchase of these items. Why not take some of the items and give them away in some type of promotion via the social media sites mentioned above.
Create affiliate advertising campaign – With an affiliate advertising campaign, you can grow your business by offering a percentage of your profits to other business owners who find customers for you. This commission is usually 50-75% for a particular product. You can use Clickbank or Commission Junction for building and managing these campaigns.
Email blast friends and family – Sending a email blast detailing your business benefits and product features is a great way to spread the word.
Sign everything with your site URL – All emails, letterhead and communication materials should have your business web site information prominently displayed on it.
Create Web 2.0 accounts and link your site to them – Using Web 2.0 tools and sites like Squidoo will help gain exposure for your site and drive traffic to you business.

Create business cards and hit the streets – Physically visiting potential clients and spreading the word about your business is still one of the most effective and cheapest way to spread the word. So grab a few of your business cards and hit the streets!
Well I hope this list has given you some useful ideas on how to promote and advertise your business online. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of these ideas.

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