Day 1 review of Streaming Media West 2010 conference

By | November 3, 2010

Streaming Media WestStreaming media is hosting a conference in Los Angelos called Streaming Media West 2010. This conference gives business owners, developers and marketers an inside look at current and future opportunities and technologies for streaming online video via the web and Internet enabled devices. Fortunately I have been granted the opportunity to attend the conference by my organization so I hope to share some feedback. Please feel free to share your feedback and questions about the event.

Day 1

Monday was the pre-conference event which provided presentations by indsutry experts on the use of HTML5, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Windows Media and h264 codec technologies for streaming online video. You can view the presentation documents of the sessions on the streaming media website here. I attended the sessions on Flexible Delivery and Interactive Experiences on the Adobe Flash Platform and HTML5 and Web Video Standards. The Adobe Flash presentation was very good and explained in detail how to use the platform for hosting, streaming and presenting video to the end user. The presenter, Kevin Towes, did a great job explaining the positives of using Flash as a platform for creation, hosting and delivery of video content for an organization. Kevin is a product manager for Adobe so he his opinion was highly skewed towards the use of Adobe product offerings versus using HTML5 or Windows Media alternatives.

Kevin’s presentation included a complete demonstration of a video asset deployment from creation through Adobe Premier to site deployment using embeded code created from Flash media server 4. He claims that 9 of 10 video sites are using Flash media server and that 70% of all video viewers are in Flash 10.1 already. You can find additional penetration statistics for Flash at

I’ll talk more about the impact of Flash vs HTML5 in future postings since it has been a big debate here are the conference. Stay tuned for more to come.

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