Day 2 Streaming Media West 2010 HTML5 vs Flash debate and more

By | November 5, 2010

Blinded by the light shining from Adobe

As I mentioned in my post on Day 1, the Streaming Media West conference has been great. I’ve learned a lot about the current status of the online streaming video space and the direction the world is moving in for streaming video content. This year there have been a boon of Internet enabled devices so the Christmas season could give great insight into the adoption rate of consumers for viewing content online. Of course this has lead to the debate about whether the cable industry is at risk or already dead since people may choose to watch online only instead of having a cable or satellite payment. Dan Rayburn, executive president of still believes we are a long way from that despite these reports. You can view more about this debate by watching the “Cutting the Cord on TV” session as well as other sessions on this topic on the conference on demand page here within the next few weeks.

HTML5 vs Flash video?

Another hot topic at the conference was the debate about whether Adobe is for or against HTML5. Multiple Adobe presenters played it cool by referring to HTML5 as a complement to Flash rather than a competitor. They did concede that HTML5 is mandatory for Apple devices but are quick to tout the HTML5 video tag short comings when its mentioned as a complete replacement to Flash.

Check back in the next few weeks as I investigate some of the HTML5 betas available by Youtube, Microsoft and Firefox.