Do people actually make money blogging using affiliate advertising? Yes!

By | November 28, 2010

While many people blog just to for fun or to share useful information, there are an equal amount (if not more) of people who are just blogging to make money. Personally my reasons for blogging are to increase my grammar/writing skills and to help others by sharing useful information they can use to better themselves or solve problems. Now, that being said, I’m definitely not against earning some extra income from my blog. :) However creating a blog to simply make money and one to share valuable information are different business models. A blog focused on making money will highlight the vehicles that lead to income for the site such as the advertiser links or the selling of a particular product. One focused on providing content will show the content front and center without much distraction from what the visitor can to consume.

Many of the top earning blogs make their money off of four key methods, Advertising Banners, Affiliate Sales, Membership area and Pay Per Click. The earnings from these blogs can range from $5000 to $500,000 a month based on statistics from the If you look closely at the methods deployed at these top blogs, they seem to place creating useful, valuable in front of the site visitor first before earning money from affiliate sales. Therefore if you focus on creating valuable content and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) first, your site will generate visitor hits which will eventually lead the ability to generate income from one of the four mentioned income methods.

The incomes method I use on my site right now are Pay Per Click and Affiliate Sales. This site only been live for a couple of months but I have had success with the following income generating options:

Google Adsense (Pay per click)

Market Me Tweet (Affiliate)

iPower Web (Affiliate)

These options I’m still evaluating

ClickBank (Pay per buy)

Dream Templates


Lashonda (Affiliate)

Anyway, before you start blogging think about why your are blogging and design your site accordingly. There are highly successful sites who generate income from affiliate advertising alone so it it possible for you. The key, however, is your content. I plan to release a top ten list of things to blog about in the next week so keep an eye out for that. Happy blogging and hope you had a great Thanksgiving!