How to identify your business niche for blogging success

By | November 30, 2010

When I’m asked to design web sites for small businesses, one of the things that still surprises me is the number of people who still believe in the “if I build it they will come philosophy”. There is little focus on finding a business niche to create a successful blog. Also, there is too much focus on how cool the site will look and how inexpensively it can be built for instead of how the site will be of value to a specific group of people in a specific niche. There are at least 234 million websites online as of December 2009 so to expect any return on investment (ROI) without a specific niche focus is highly unlikely.

So how does a business decide on a niche to blog about?

The most obvious answer is to blog about the industry your business is in. An additional option that should help with the success of your blog is to focus on the common interests and issues impacting people as it relates to your industry. Here is a list of some common topics of interest:

    Fears – Focus on helping people overcome their fears.
    Passion – Discuss a topic that is passionate to you.
    Problems – Identify common problems or issues people deal with in your industry
    Sex – No porn here but how people can please their mates if your industry relates
    Faith/Testimony – Discuss how your faith walk has driven your to success or help you cope with failure.
    Money – Help people with generating an income or avoiding financial mistakes in your market

    Other ideas for niches include:

    Food – Recipes, reviews
    Addictions – Food, gaming, overcoming
    Kids – Photos, help, family fun
    Pets – Photos, care, products
    Celebrities – News, career highlights
    Shopping – Clothes, cars, gadgets
    Dating – Finding a mate, tips

As you see there are tons of niches you can focus on that most likely fall in line with your business online goals. Using the Google Keyword Tool is a great way to help you narrow down this list to what is currently popular.

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