How to read public Twitter JSON Tweets using JQuery

By | November 21, 2010

If you want to display the public tweets of your business on your site, you can take advantage of the getJSON feature of JQuery. Public tweets are the ones that don’t require you to authenticate with Twitter before you can access them. In this example we will view the user timeline since it does not require authentication.

JQuery Twitter Read Example

You will need to add the JQuery code to your site either by downloading the JQuery code to host on your site directly or by referencing one of the available CDN hosted references.

In the example below, I used a CDN hosted copy of JQuery ( and referenced it in the header of my HTML file. Then I added the code below within the body of the HTML.


Using this code will display the tweets of this site in an non formatted list. One thing to mention is that you most likely will need to test this on a web server since some of the browsers restrict the running of some scripts locally. Just download/install the free Apache server and test it out. Enjoy!

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