How to save a sliced image, unsliced from Photoshop CS4

By | November 13, 2010

Potential new BCWD site

No slices to be seen on this JPG

Today I was working on a website design for a client. I wanted to send the client a example of what the site would look like so I decided to send a JPG image of the site. I’m using Photoshop CS4 to develop the site layout so I had already begun slicing the image into multiple sections for the site HTML div tags to use with CSS. However every time I saved the image using the Save for Web & Devices option as a JPEG, the image would be sliced into many pieces for the HTML.

Well, I got around this issue finally so I figured I’d share. What you have to do is to select the Slice tool so all of the slices are visible on the screen. Next you need to select View, then Clear slices. This will remove all of the slices from the document and allow you to then save for web & devices as a JPG or other file format. Remember, do not save the PSD document after doing this! Otherwise you may lose your slices and have to reslice the image again.

Anyway hope this helps and send me a question if you run into any issues. There is also some additional options listed on this forum here. Happy weekend!