No streaming available at Streaming Media West 2010

By | November 5, 2010

I thoroughly enjoyed the Streaming Media West 2010 conference this year. The conference provided insight into the current status of the streaming media market as well as providing knowledge into the future of the industry. See my recent postings on the event for more details. However one of the ironic twists at the conference was that it was extremely difficult to stream any media during the event. While there was Wifi access provided for free at the conference based on session room, the connection was extremely poor. Even the presenters at the conference found it near to impossible to demonstrate examples of the various Internet enabled devices without our good friend the “loading” message appearing.

This years conference was hosted at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza hotel. My assumption is that the since multiple people were trying to stream media around the numerous business people getting emails, surfing the net, etc, the hotel bandwidth was maxed out. While the situation was somewhat disappointing for those who wanted go see the live demonstrations, it does highlight one of the issues prevalent for those who believe the cable industry will die with the recent enthusiasm surrounding streaming video. There is only so much bandwidth one has in their house to share between each Internet enabled device.

Users will need to have some technical knowledge or assistance for setting up their home networks to efficiently manage their available bandwidth between devices. I have Clear and am limited to around 4G max. However, usually I get around 2G speeds at home. Dividing that between an IP phone system, Blu-Ray player, Tv, Playstation, desktop and laptop can get really tricky. Especially since the hardware I use is primarily on the low end and may not be the most efficient.

Anyway hopefully the next conference in New York will have better connectivity.