Riding through the skies with Wesley Snipes?

By | November 5, 2010

I was in the airport waiting on to board a return flight from a business trip from LA to Atlanta when I noticed a guy who looked a lot like Wesley Snipes entering the front of the line. There really wasn’t much fanfare outside the few people who noticed and ventured up to him. I thought I may be mistaken that it was him since I thought he was already in jail after being convicted for tax evasion. However as I made my way past first class, I walked right past him. He was sitting in the aisle seat with I’m assuming his body guard so I debated about verifying it was him. However I didn’t want to break out my Tae Kwon Do skills (oh yeah…yellow belt baby…I’m so dangerous :-P) on his body guard who was giving me the evil eye at this point. He was trying to look cool with his hat embedded in a large fro so he never looked up from his chair.

What’s funny is that I had just read a posting written by my friend Lisa that discussed what God allows to happen in the world. Sometimes it’s negative but other times it’s opportunities for us to take action. That may not mean I was supposed to ask for an autograph but maybe I was to pass Wesley a bible and let him know that I would pray for him and his situation today. Did I miss my opportunity??

Anyway just thought I’d share in case TMZ wanted to interview me. Oh wait…I probably need to write a song and post a Youtube video about it first….lol.