Why I don’t recommend Vistaprint for web hosting

By | November 23, 2010

One of the easiest ways to put your business online is by choosing Vistaprint as your web host. Vista Print has carved itself a pretty good niche by offering free business cards to small businesses, then upselling it’s customers to additional services like Vistaprint website design. Most small business owners are not fully aware of the features and tools they need for effective web design and website management so it’s simpler for them to fall for the “one stop shop” mentality and just purchase the Vistaprint website design package. Part of that package is their web site builder that offers a quick way to get a website online.

The issue I have with Vista Print’s web builder sites is that they offer limited options to customize the website and limited website design options. You can choose their standard components to place within the site but you cannot use your own layout. Even their higher end product offering at $19+ a month doesn’t allow for complete website customization. It just doesn’t make sense to choose to use them when you can get a Godaddy account for only $8 a month and still have a user friendly interface to create a site using the WordPress or Joomla quick install.

If your looking for an effective web host and don’t like Godaddy for some reason, I also recommend HostGator for website hosting and site management. They have a very intuitive control panel that allows for the easy installation of website services that allow for full customization and management of one’s website. In addition, HostGator prices are very low usually starting around $4.95 a month.

If you have questions on what type of hosting you would need for your Internet business, please feel free to leave a comment below. I have years of experience managing websites and am definitely willing to help you get started with the right web hosting partnership.

Happy blogging!

17 thoughts on “Why I don’t recommend Vistaprint for web hosting

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  2. Dawn

    I cant agree with you more about Vista. I had their web host and I am in the middle of getting rid of it. I am just have complications on how to use joolma and word press. I am starting a cake pop and cup cake company and cant figure out which one is the best or easiest to use. Word press looks like a blog and joolma looks a news paper page. I am so confused.

  3. Joe Sumpter Post author

    Thanks for the feedback Dawn. I’m sorry that you went through the struggle of Vista first hand. I would suggest you look at GoDaddy or HostGator as an alternative since they do have somewhat user friendly interfaces if you plan to manage the site yourself.

    Between Joomla and WordPress you should probably look at WordPress. With WordPress you can actually set it up to only use pages in lieu of the blog. That way you can make the site look anyway that you want. Both Joomla and WordPress offer complete control of how you make the site look if you know CSS and how to create templates. You make want to look at some of the templates available at http://www.themelayout.com/ to see some of the layout options.

    Thanks again for the feedback !!

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  11. Mados

    I found this post in my search for tips to edit a website in Vistaprint. It doesn’t look good so far…

    I don’t have a choice, btw… it is a customer’s chosen platform. The WYSIWYG editor looks very easy to use at a glance, but can best be compared to try to do visual design in a Word document:

    Every other time I have changed the format to the right text colour and positioning and saved it, and then return it, it has defaulted the text colour and positioning to the original (which doesn’t look good). Sometimes it has also changed the text size. Sometimes also while I work on it. Obviously the underlying code has become overcomplicated and messed up, but there is no html editor/access so I can’t do anything about it except keep correcting it… AGAIN… drives me insane…

    And I am not even half done… Never again Vistaprint!

    Anyway, if anyone has a good tip to editing in Vistaprint, then I will love to hear about it!

  12. Orly Sans

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  14. Katherine

    $20 a month is an outrageous price for web hosting. It’s a shame small business owners get suckered into this trap. Hostgator offers hassle free hosting and 1 click WordPress install. You can’t beat that.

  15. Arielle

    Are you one of the many people who think that all Web hosting companies are basically the same.

    If yes, then building a website for creating your successful online presence will be the first and foremost thing that you need to do in this respect.
    A good way to scout out a good provider is by reviewing web hosting
    review sites.

  16. Joe Sumpter Post author

    Thanks for the feedback Arielle. no I definitely don’t think all hosting companies are the same. There are major differences in pricing and customer service depending on your needs. Right now I have been using GoDaddy primarily for domain registrations and HostGator for hosting. However my recommendations vary depending on a clients needs. Which do you use?