Web Site performance issues resolved by GoDaddy

By | January 12, 2011

After multiple tests and investigation, our website performance issues have finally been resolved by GoDaddy technical support. We have been investigating performance problems where our site would take as much as 30 seconds to load. Originally we thought it was something related to the WordPress plug-ins we were using so we changed templates and disabled many of the plug-ins. We finally gave our friends at GoDaddy a call and they identified a server load issue with one of their other clients sharing the server with us.

Anyway, I just wanted to apologize for the difficulties anyone has been experiencing with our site. GoDaddy will be moving use to a another server environment so this issue does not happen again. I’m relieved to find out that the issue wasn’t with WordPress since it is the platform I recommend for small businesses looking to build a self maintainable website.

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