Blackberry offers free Playbook and new Payment service

By | February 24, 2011

Blackberry offers free playbook and payment services to developers
Are you looking for a way to get a free Blackberry Playbook? Well if you have any application development skills you are in luck! Blackberry has extended it’s offer to give free Blackberry Playbooks to anyone who creates an application that is approved by their application approval process. Details on the offer can be found here.

Even if you are not a developer you may want to try and download the Webworks SDK for Blackberry and see if you can create even a basic application. The SDK allows for development using basic HTML skills so creating an application may not be as difficult as you think. Another option would be to hire a developer to create something for you. Yes that would cost you something but you can find very reasonably priced labor at places like Elance and oDesk. In addition, Blackberry is now offering in app payment services that will allow developers to offer premium application features at a price to users.

Remember the deadline is very soon (March 15?) so grab the SDK and get your free Blackberry Playbook today!