Basketball application released to Blackberry Playbook app world

By | April 28, 2011

basketball playbook diagramBlue Crystal Web Design has officially released it’s first Blackberry Playbook application to the Blackberry app world. The application is called the Basketball Coach Diagram and was made available a week after the Blackberry Playbook release date. It is a pretty basic app that allows for users to draw plays on a basketball court and clear the screen by shaking the Playbook. We are proud to have it completed and look forward to more Blackberry app development initiatives in the near future.

Blackberry App World still limited for Playbook

While the number of Blackberry applications have increased, the app world store is still a long way from competing with the large volume of iPhone and Android applications. RIM did a great job enticing developers with the free Playbook offer but that only lead to around 3000 Playbook specific applications being added according to some estimates. In addition only around 50,000 units were sold on the release date which is a far cry from the half a million plus iPads sold on it’s release date. However I feel that the RIM Playbook and it’s apps are more for a business professional focused target market and therefore offers a unique opportunity for developers to develop apps for their needs.

Get Blackberry Apps!

Anyway, you can get Blackberry Playbook apps in their web store here if you own one. Also feel free to contact us if you are interested in using Blue Crystal Web Design to develop your RIM app idea. Please leave us feedback or comments below!

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