Benefits of online market segmentation using Claritas PRIZM

By | April 22, 2011

After you have developed a plan for you business, one of the next important steps you need to work on is how to market the business to potential customers or clients. Identifying the demographics of your market through segmentation is the key to effectively and successfully creating marketing campaigns that target a specific group of customers. One of the online options you can use for accomplishing market segmentation research is the Claritas PRIZM “You are where you live” lifestyle segmentation system.

Benefits of online market segmentation

This online system will help you answer the following questions about your target market:

* Who are the targets?
* What are they like?
* Where can I find them?
* How can I reach them?

The system uses Nielsen’s lifestyle segmentation systems to define every neighborhood in the U.S. in terms of distinct lifestyle types. The main benefit of reviewing this segmentation information is that it gives you greater insight into the tendencies of specific types of people in your target market.

Check it out and let me know what you think of the “You are where you live” Claritas system by leaving a comment below.

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