2011 developer contests with money and prizes by Evernote, Freelancer

By | May 29, 2011

rim blackberry playbook With the SONY Dash and Free Blackberry playbook developer contests dying down, we have been looking at new competitions to participate in. Participating in developer competitions is a great way to keep yourself or your small business developers motivated since there are usually gret opportunities to will cash or prizes with very little competition. We recently recieved our free Blackberry Playbook in the mail from RIM’s competition and also recieved a free Logitech Google TV device during Google’s product offering competition to small businesses. Stay tuned for our article on the rewards and challenges of participating in RIM’s competiton soon.

Latest developer and design contest offerings

We are doing our best to share information on any development contests we come across that offer prizes or free products that make them worth participating in. Here are a couple we have come across that are definitely worth participating in:

Evernote – Giving away $100,000 in prizes in their first ever developer competition. To enter just build an application that integrates with the Evernote API.

Freelancer – Do you have any graphic design skills? Well Freelancer.com is offering $20,000 in prizes for its U.S. Presidential logo and T-shirt design contests.

Also if you haven’t seen our recent posts on the Paypal Android competition and the Blackberry Developer Fund contests you definitely want to check them out as well. If you find any other mobile, app, design or developer competitions that offer opportunities of great prizes for participation, please leave a comment about them below. We definitely would love to hear about the applications you build for them or your participation experiences as well. Happy developing!

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