It’s official, Google Plus API is now available to developers!

By | September 15, 2011

Today I received the email announcing the launching of the first Google+ API’s for developers. The API will allow developers to integrate Google+ into their applications using oAuth for authentication and RESTful for content consumption. You can read more about the API and see a code example on Google blog post.

To use Google Plus API better know RESTful web service consumption

Before you can start using the API, one thing to mention is that you will need to turn the API access on at Google’s API manager. You can access it here with your Google developer account.

Is anyone planning on developing something that interacts with this API? I’m debating about developing a mobile application that integrates with it for college football. Most likely I will start with Android or Adobe AIR so I can enter one of the upcoming developer contests still going on this year. My only concern is that I haven’t been invited into Google+ yet so I would be trying to create an application around a platform I’m not allowed to use. 😛

Anyway, here it the official notification letter from Google:

Greetings developers,

Thank you for showing your interest in the Google+ platform on our developer interest form. We promised to let you know when we had more details to share. Well, that time has come…

Today, we’re launching the first of the Google+ APIs. This initial API release is focused on public data only — it lets you read information that people have shared publicly on Google+. Read our blog post for more details.

Also, we’re happy to introduce a new Google+ developers site. This will be the place to go for our policies, terms, discussions with other developers, access to documentation, tools that make development on the Google+ platform easier and more fun, and of course, the place where announcements concerning new releases will be made.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you build with the API. Today is just the beginning, and your work will affect what comes next, so go ahead and get started.

Happy coding!

– The Google+ platform team

Well if you plan to code for this API please leave a comment. I would love to hear what you think of Google plus.

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