Google TV expands to LG, Samsung and Vizio at CES 2012

By | January 10, 2012

Do you own a Google TV device? Well if you don’t, 2012 may be the year for you to finally join the Google TV family. Personally I have a free Logitech Revue that I received for free during Google’s free device giveaway to businesses. However the growth of Google TV was limited to the Logitech Revue and select HDTV’s from Sony. This year at CES 2012, LG, Vizio, and SONY displayed Google TV powered HDTV or set top devices. Also Samsung announced that they will be releasing their Google TV powered TV set in the second half of 2012. The photos above are the Google TV HDTVs and/or set top devices for LG and SONY.

Will more Google TV devices equal more Google Tv developers?

I think so. With more options for exposure across multiple devices, more developers will consider developing for Google TV. Samsung is still the current leader in SMART TV applications currently. However, Samsung’s platform is based on HTML, Javascript and Flash. Also it has components that are proprietary to their devices. Google TV is based on Android which currently has over 300,000 apps in the Google Market. While not all mobile and tablet applications will work on a HDTV, many developers will only need to make minor additions or changes to allow their Android application to work on a Google TV device.

Here are a couple of videos I made highlighting the event

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