Coal Fireplace app now in Apple and Blackberry apps stores

By | March 8, 2012

Is your iPhone, iPad or Blackberry Playbook feeling pretty cold in your hands? Well go to the app store because things just got hotter! We have successfully ported over the Coal Fireplace app from the Google Android Market (or Play) and Amazon store to the iTunes apple store and Blackberry App world!

Fireplace app that burns slowly

The Coal Fireplace app is a simple application that displays a video of a fireplace on your mobile or tablet device. The video has a light sound of the fire crackling over the hot coals which are burning below. The video of the fire is in 720p HD quality so you can push it to your HD TV and enjoy the heat on the big screen as well.

Video of Fireplace but no Internet connection needed

One of the key features of the Coal Fireplace is that the playback does not require an internet connection, This allows you to enjoy the fire in any location without the risk of data overages and/or interruptions. Ready to feel the heat? Well you can find the app in the following app stores:

Blackberry App World: Coal Fireplace for Playbook

Amazon App Store: Coal Fireplace for Kindle Fire

Google Play: Coal Fireplace for Android phones and Tablets

Apple Store: Coal Fireplace for iPad and iPhone

So whats next for the fireplace? Expect more updates soon that will hopefully include some cool features that will make the fire burn even hotter! If you have some suggestions for additional features or apps you would like to see us develop, please leave a comment below.

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