Writing a book for Apress

By | May 5, 2012

Apress Publisher Image

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Let the book writing begin!

I’m happy to announce that we just got approved to write a book for Apress Publishing. This will be my first authoring experience so I’m super excited! However I know it will be a huge challenge for me due to my hectic schedule. I read a lot of books published by Apress so I know the expectation of quality and thoroughness of content they require from their authors.

Looking for Technical reviewers

I really can’t release the details of the book at this point since we are still in the early stages of creation. However, if you are interested in potentially reviewing the book for your blog or as a technical reviewer please let me know. Just register at the site and leave a comment or send me a message/email. You will be able to get a free copy of the book and some free press for you or your brand by us once the book is released. It will be a win win for both of us since you get free press and I get direct feedback about the quality of the book. Cool right? :)

Well, if you are unfamiliar with Apress, here are a few books I either own or have read. Happy reading!