Options for monetizing your Android applications with TapForTap and AirPush

By | September 23, 2012

Android Logo Choosing the right monetization strategy for your Android applications can be a challenge. While there are many options available, it’s tough to decide whether to charge for your application or to offer it for free with an ads. This post will review the monetization strategies we have implemented in the Google Play market.

Monetization options for Android apps


Tap for Tap logoTapforTap SDK offers an opportunity for developers to share their application with thousands of other developers in an exchange of advertisements. The goal of Tap for Tap is to create a massive ad exchange that brings value to their thousands of members. Basically you install the TapforTap SDK in your application and enable the ads. You begin with a 1000 credits or impressions of your app within other applications in the categories that you choose. As your app displays the ads of other applications, you earn more impressions.


AdMob offers advertising embedded in your application that gives the developer money for each ad click. The service is managed and owned by Google so getting paid is almost an absolute certainty. However our experience has shown that the amount of money received from this ad service is significantly less than what we have received from iAds. Despite having thousands of application installs, we typically receive less that $.25 a day from this service.


AirPush is one of the most popular advertising platforms for both android and iOS applications. The platform offers a multitude of options for sending ads to your application users including push notifications, icon display and in app banner ad placement. We have just implemented this service int our BarkDogBark! Lite application and have so far seen good results. We will provide an update in a few months with details on how the service worked for us.

MobClix, never receiving payment

One of the worse things that can happen to you as a developer of an application is to make money, but never receive payment. We implemented the MobClix SDK in our application and watched our revenues increase much faster than AdMob. We were very excited about this and were looking forward to embedding more applications with their SDK. However after thousands of downloads and over a year of earning money, we have not received a single payment from MobClix. They have experienced many payment delays for their developers and currently are almost 6 months behind in disbursing payment. Therefore we have switched to other options including AirPlus and TapforTap. We definitely do not recommend MobClix for any developer who actually wants to be paid.

Our Recommendation

Honestly the best monetization strategy for us in the Google Android market has been the charge $.99 cents for our applications. Most of our applications are very simple and were developed in house. Therefore even though we have made little money in the Google Android Market, the applications have still be profitable for us. However, so far there is no comparison to the money we make monthly from iAds in the Apple Market nor from charging 99 cents in the Amazon Android market. As we develop more advanced applications and try out the TapforTap and AirPush, we will allow for time to tell on the most effective monetization strategy for the Google Android Market.

If you have any experience in these ad platforms or in the Google Market with your apps, please share below. Thanks!