Twitter presentation outline and things people want to know

By | November 2, 2012

This week my teammates presented to the missionaries of our church the keys to using social media. For the presentation I created an outline on Twitter including questions missionaries would have an how they can use Twitter effectively to communicate to others. Below is the information for the Twitter part of the discussion. In 2011, I wrote an article on my blog containing tips and tricks about how churches can use Twitter effectively within their organization. Most of the information in that post is still relevant today so please be sure to check it out as well. Anyway, here is the presentation outline:

Twitter presentation outline for Churches and Missionaires

3 main points to focus on in presentation:

1) What is Twitter and how to set it up correctly

2) How do I use Twitter effectively as a missionary

3) What are some of the best tools and sites for Twitter users

Questions that can be answered in order to answer focus questions:

1) What is Twitter and how to set it up correctly

What is Twitter? (Who invented it, how and why)

How do I sign up for Twitter?
Visit and click the Sign In text at the top right of the site. This will take you to the page shown in the image here. Click “Sign Up Now” next to the New to Twitter text to start the process of opening your Twitter account.

twitter sign in

What should my Twitter username be?
Your Twitter username should be a name that easily identifies you and your mission. Do your best to think ahead of time what your name will be across all of your social media accounts and your website if possible. You want to keep your names across the top four social media sites (Faceboook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) as close to the same as possible.

How do I decorate my Twitter page? (visual…show example of cool pages in different formats)
There are a ton of online tools for building Twitter page designs. Just keep it simple and choose one of the generic backgrounds using a color that you can use for all of your online content. If you want some style, just build a header image using to go along with your profile image.

2) How do I use Twitter effectively as a missionary

Why should I tweet?

How often should I tweet?

When should I tweet?

Who should I follow? (Friends, Family, Church)

How many followers should I have? (doesn’t matter, what matters is their engagement with your tweets)

How do I get more followers? (interact with your followers, follow suggested people, be interesting)

Should I follow everyone who follows me? (NO, some are spam, see what they are tweeting about) Also use to unfollow people

Why should a missionary use Twitter? (exposure, donations, gifts, engagement, tell a story)

How should a missionary use Twitter? (non sensitive information, limit location focus)

What are the tags and symbols in Twitter and what do they mean? (DM, @, )

How do I interact with people on Twitter? (Retweet, Quote Retweet, Reply)

Describe Twitter etiquette and some recommendations (Check )

What do the statistics say about how people are using Twitter and why? (Check )

3) What are some of the best tools and sites for Twitter users

How do I gauge Twitter success or failure? (, google analytics, # of retweets, # of followers)

How do I automate my tweets(Market Me Suite, StumbleUpon (

What tools can I use to know what to tweet about? ( , Claritas…visit for link to site and get visual of this zipcode)

What tools should I use for tweeting on the go? (iPhone Twitter app, Twitteriffic)

Thanks for reading this and please feel free to leave some feedback below. Get your tweet on! :)