Google Glass Explorer Program now open! Well for $1500 anyway

By | November 25, 2013

Google Glass Invite Today I received an email that I have been invited to purchase the new Google Glass Explorer Edition. This is the second version of the Google Glass that comes with a twist on active Shade, a mono ear bud, a pouch and a cable charger. Google has now opened up the Glass beta program to people who have signed up to be on the waiting list. I am fortunate to be one few selected but that “good fortune” still comes at the steep price of $1500. I am really tempted to pick up one despite the price in order to begin development on an Google Glass supported application.

Google Glass SDK release

This past week Google announced the availability of the Google Glass Developers Kit (GDK) . The GDK allows for developers to build apps for the Glassware in conjunction with the Mirror API. On GDK site, Timothy Jordan offers a sneak peak video of the GDK and describes the platform in detail. The GDK offers access to Offline, Real time and Deeper hardware development.

All this sounds really cool but is it worth $1500? Maybe. The release date for Google Glass is expected to be sometime early 2014 so this could be an opportunity experience it first. This would make it easier to develop a unique and cool application defined by actual device user experience. The big negative for buying it now is the price of course. The price is expected to come down to around $299 when the Glass is officially released and that’s a HUGE difference in price. Also paying this steep price for a beta version of a device can be equated to paying $10,000 for a VCR back in the day. Yes it’s cool to be one of the innovators with the device but is it really worth the price?

So what do you think? Is Google Glass worth paying the $1500 today or should I wait until the price lowers next year? Hurry and let me know your thoughts before I spend my money! :)