Building RestFul Services with ASP .NET Web API

By | June 16, 2014

Last week I was working on a mobile application project for Inventory Management. My organization is a .NET shop for the most part now so I decided to use Visual Studio to build a RESTful web service to connect to a back-end SQL Server based third party API. In order to refresh my knowledge on building the service, I decided to view the video for the course Building RESTful Services with ASP .NET API.

Building a RESTful web service video course review

The video course on building a RESTful web service by Fanie Reynders offered a great refresher for creating the ASP .NET service I needed. The course starts off by giving you a detailed overview on the definition of what a developer needs to know and understand with modern web HTTP services. It really helped getting a deeper understanding on how REST works, what the constraints are, differences between ASP .NET Web API and WCF and just general details on the HTTP protocol. The walk through of the Book Inventory example helped a great deal since I’m building a service to connect to an Inventory Management database that I built. I definitely recommend viewing the course if you need a great starting point for understanding and building ASP .NET Web API web services.

Mobile application with Linea Pro

For the mobile application I built in for iOS and installed it on my iTouch that I had connected to a Linea Pro 4 device. The Linea Pro device allows you to scan a barcode and is what is used in the Apple Store for sales transactions. Since they offer an SDK for building applications that user their scanner, I was able to build an application that allows a user to scan a barcode. The barcode is stored in a UITableView then the barcode is pushed to the web service on the users touch.

In a future post I will show you the code and screenshots of a book review app that is a modified version of the Inventory Management application. If you have any questions on getting the Linea Pro to work with your app or want more details on the video course please comment below. Happy coding!