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10 ways to advertise your small business online with no money

Tweet When I’ve worked with small businesses to create their websites, the number one concern the business owners have is the cost of implementation. Most of the business’ I work with have little money but therefore want to maximize the effectiveness of their business web site within a very limited budget. Well here is a list of ways… Read More »

New Amazon Kindle on the Web means more blog passive income

Tweet Amazon has just launched it’s beta for the Kindle on the Web. The Kindle On the Web offering allows for you to view sample Kindle books on the web through a embedded widget on a website or blog. The new program will also allow for Amazon Associates to earn commission when people purchase the Sample versions of… Read More »

Using Twitter trends to build your WordPress traffic #lessonslearned

Tweet Increasing your WordPress traffic using Twitter trends can be challenging given the number of blogs that were online in 2010. In a previous article I offered some suggestions to help you build up website traffic and increase Adsense hits. Well one of the social media tools I use for increasing traffic to my website is my Twitter… Read More »