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Embedding a video into ASPDotNetStoreFront https by example

Tweet If you are running your entire ASPDotNetStoreFront e-commerce store under HTTPS, embedding video can be a challenging task. If you embed video using standard embeds like Vidego and You Tube, you will most likely get that nasty error message from internet Explorer saying that there is unsecure items running on the site. There is a good article… Read More »

10 Questions to answer before building your website

Tweet When building web sites for individuals and businesses, I’m still noticing that many individuals, companies and development service providers do not have a formal and written plan. There is still a mentality of “If we build it, they will come” which in most cases will only lead to disappointment after the web site project is complete. Well… Read More »

Increasing WordPress blog hits to improve Adsense clicks

Tweet When I first started blogging, I was so excited to be able to help people with useful information and tips. As an IT professional, Google is usually your best friend anyway since most of your time is spent solving problems with existing code and/or technology. Now that I’ve found the power of using Adsense to actually get… Read More »