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Building RestFul Services with ASP .NET Web API

Tweet Last week I was working on a mobile application project for Inventory Management. My organization is a .NET shop for the most part now so I decided to use Visual Studio to build a RESTful web service to connect to a back-end SQL Server based third party API. In order to refresh my knowledge on building the… Read More »

2013 Black Friday Deals for Gadget and Tech lovers

Tweet Looking for the right online Black Friday deals for technology and gadget lovers you know? Here are a few deals going on today and throughout the weekend that you should check out. 20% off Wahoo Fitness Use promo code CYBERWEEK on checkout to save on all types of cool tech devices including heart rate monitors and bike… Read More »

Port your Android game to Blackberry for money and free devices

Tweet ****Update, the contest has ended. However if you still need motivation, Blackberry is offering 10K to developers for building on the platform. For more information check out their Blackberry 10K commitment site! Blackberry is currently running it’s BlackBerry® Got Game Port-a-Thon. The event rewards developers who port their games over to the Blackberry market both money and… Read More »