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Internet Marketing Black Friday deals for hosting, MySQL and devices

Tweet Black Friday offers all types of deals on clothes, electronics, appliances and toys. However as small business owners with goals of growing a business online, the Black Fridays deals that matter are the ones offer software or online Internet Marketing tools at extreme discounts. Well here are a few deals that will help any small business save… Read More »

Tips and tricks when using Twitter for churches

Tweet One of the struggles that many organizations and churches have is the attracting of followers to their Twitter accounts. Most of that struggle is due to the lack of knowledge of how to market on Twitter effectively and in a way that is engaging to other twitter users. Well here are a few tricks and tips for… Read More »

It’s official, Google Plus API is now available to developers!

Tweet Today I received the email announcing the launching of the first Google+ API’s for developers. The API will allow developers to integrate Google+ into their applications using oAuth for authentication and RESTful for content consumption. You can read more about the API and see a code example on Google blog post. To use Google Plus API better… Read More »